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Being in the blue chip industry your business is among the cream of the crop. Don’t fall behind just because of a negligence in employing the latest workplace technologies. We can help you identify key technologies that you can utilise to improve your operations, and we have the infrastructure and the best processes to deliver the solutions right to your doorstep.

On the other hand, we often see blue chip businesses spend on excessive infrastructure or on non-scalable solutions. DMS is the game changer that will help your blue chip business capitalise on technology in the best way possible – whether it is telepresence, AV, or medical installations or digital media signage – without selling you unnecessary services.

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DMS has been a trusted partner to help scale Zoom Room deployments globally. Their integration experience and commitment to meet Zoom’s high level of service to our customers has simply been the best.

Andrew Schlocker

AV Manager, Professional Services


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