Project Description

DMS Connected Case Study

A fully connected and collaborative facility

At A Glance

Client: T-Systems

Location: Germany

Market: Telecommunication

Solutions: Conferencing Interactive Displays

Services: AV Integration De-installation Reverse Logistics

Technology: 15 Cisco IX5000 23 single screen Spark room 19 dual screen Spark room

A regional Cisco Spark Room rollout delivered and directed by DMS brought physical and virtual teams together. A complete collaboration suite – including voice, video, and web.

For a collaborative company to meet its customers’ and employees’ expectations, the IT must be transformed. It must be scalable, central and run based on standards, and must provide secure, compatible services.

Dunedin’s aim was to align with T-Systems’ Dynamic Services for Collaboration (DSC) vision of enabling seamless intra-and inter-enterprise cooperation and communication on the basis of a single, standardized environment.

Collaboration tools can only reach their full potential if they are integrated with the existing IT landscape. Cisco Spark Rooms were strategically selected by the customer to connect the staff, irrespective of locations or devices.


With offices in over 20 countries and global delivery capability, T-Systems provides support to companies in all industries.

The roll-out included the installation and configuration of multiple IX5000 & CS-ROOM70S-K9 Spark Rooms across 57 sites, in addition to the de-installation of existing CTS1300, CTS3010, and TX9000 systems.

Cisco Spark Rooms were successful in creating a catalytic effect in engaging T-Systems staff with a Smart Collaboration ethos.


The project team set out to transform workflows and business processes globally through enhanced teamwork and enriched collaboration.

But existing standalone unified communications solutions didn’t talk to each other, which hindered productivity and hampered problem-solving. Integration on a single platform would open unimagined opportunities.


Encouraging continuous global teamwork, Cisco Spark is now the organisation’s primary collaboration platform. Dunedin has delivered a solution to ensure people can use their own devices to extend the conversation beyond meetings, making Cisco Spark integral to their workspaces and workflows.

The geographical spread of AT&T’s demands are truly global and our expectation is that DMS can and will support our needs, regardless of location.

Norman Bhargava

Executive Deal Lead, AT&T Network Integration