Project Description

DMS Connected Case Study

Working in partnership with Zoom, we installed a professional video conferencing solution for Kiva’s new office in San Francisco

At A Glance

Client: Kiva

Location: San Francisco

Market: Non-profit Organization

Solutions: Conferencing

Services: AV Integration Infrastructure


Shure MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphones

Shure P300 Digital Signal Processor

Jabra Panacast 3 4K 180-degree camera

QSC Pendant Speakers

QSC SPA2-60 Power Amplifier

Apple Mac Mini, iPad Controller, and Zoom Rooms Software


Microfinance non-profit, Kiva, wanted a professional video conferencing solution for their new office. They had displays and a Panacast camera, which needed spacing and leveling on an entirely concrete surface, and required microphones and speakers to create a state-of-the-art meeting facility. The project was completed in collaboration with our partners at Zoom.


We used a power actuating tool to insert brackets in the ceiling, with safety cables used to support the microphones and QSC speakers. We used acoustic paneling suspension cables across the ceiling and cable piping on the concrete walls for cable management. We then connected the display screens, leveling them in the process, which greatly enhanced the professional aesthetic of the room. We also leveled Kiva’s existing Panacast camera to improve video quality during conference calls.


Kiva’s office now contains a first-class video conferencing suite. A facility with high-quality audio input from any location in the room. The QSC speakers allow Kiva employees to hear calls without distortion or digital artefacts. Unsightly cables are all managed, out the way, and the room has a very professional appearance to impress employees, clients, and all other meeting attendees.

The geographical spread of AT&T’s demands are truly global and our expectation is that DMS can and will support our needs, regardless of location.

Norman Bhargava

Executive Deal Lead, AT&T Network Integration