ThinkSmart Hub 500 Logitech Rally Plus large room system


Combined for large sized conferencing room deployments, the Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 and Logitech Rally Plus, and three microphones enable great video conferencing for Skype for Business and Teams.

ThinkSmart Hub 500 Logitech Rally Plus large room system

A room accommodating up to 18 people, a large sized conferencing room is a reserved, enclosed space. This setup is designed so that the camera will capture the faces and the microphone will pick up the voices off all the participants in a space as large as 4.5×8.5 meters. Large meeting rooms usually involve a long conferencing table for meeting participants to sit around with a display for meeting content setup at one end of the room.


Meeting participants sit around a table where three microphones are distributed, so that they can pick up voices of participants sitting within a range of 2.3 meters.


A loudspeaker is located on the table so that meeting audio reaches all the listeners sitting around the table within 7.5 meters.


A camera is mounted at the edge of the room near a display. It is located within a range of approximately between 1 and 7.4 meters of meeting participants. It is designed so that it will capture those within a horizontal field of view of at least 70º.

Cable management

Cabling needs are an important, but often overlooked but important part of room system design. This cable layout details all the included the cables, connections, and paths necessary to connect all the components of together. The detail does not show the cable lengths to scale.

Tech Specification

In the box

  • Lenovo Hub 500
  • Logitech Rally Plus
  • Logitech Rally extension mic pod
  • Logitech Rally mic hub
  • EDID
  • (2) HDMI cables
  • Dongle adapter ring
  • (2) Ethernet cables
  • Logitech Rally mounting kit
  • (2) Ethernet cables
  • Zip ties, screws, and cable management parts


Position Tabletop
Connectivity 1x HDMI-in including capture card 2x HDMI-out 1x RJ-45 Ethernet 4x USB 3.0 (Type A) 1x 1/8 inch(3.5mm) stereo jack, LAN Intel I219LM Jacksonville, Wifi 2x2AC Intel Winstorm Peak 8265 Bluetooth 4.2, IR sensor
Maximum consoles 1
Screen Resolution (pixels) 1920 x 1080
Resolution 1080p
Aspect ratio 16:9
Screen size diagonal 11.6 Inch
Dimensions Base : 260 W x 194 D x 178 H (mm)
Security Kensington lock


Position Tabletop, wall or bottom or side of the display using the mounting kit included in the bundle
Speakers 1
Max extra speakers 2
Output in watts 10 Per channel
Output in DB 95dB SPL @1W, 100dB SPL @7.5W, both +/-2dB at ½ meter
Stereo support Yes (for playing local audio only)
Special features High-performance 3inch (76mm) driver with rare-earth magnet. Patent-pending suspension system eliminates vibration-induced camera shake and audio interference. Single Mini XLR cable connection for both signal and power. Sensitivity: 95+/-2dB SPL at ½ meter. Distortion: 200Hz–300Hz < 2.5%, 300Hz–10kHz < 1%@7.5W. Speaker sampling rate: 48 kHz


Pickup radius 4.5 Meters (15 feet)
Microphones Three mic pods included, each with four omnidirectional microphones forming eight acoustic beams. Includes acoustic echo cancellation, voice activity detector, and background noise suppression
Max microphones 7 Mic pods
Microphone placement Tabletop


Microsoft Teams Streaming 1080p (camera supports up to 4K 3840×2160 pixels at 30 fps)
Horizontal field of view 113°
Vertical field of view 80.7°
Diagonal field of view 120°
Zoom 5x Digital
Pan/tilt Yes
Pan/ tilt angle ± 25°/± 15°
Mount options Wall mount (included) and table. Optional mount for on or below the display.
Included mount Wall mount
Cable type USB 2.0
Maximum cable length As supported by external 3rd party USB extenders
Included cable length 5 Meters ( 16.4 feet)
Separate power adapter? Yes (included)


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