MVC800 Large Room System


The right fit for large rooms of 12 to 20 people, with 3 microphones and thanks to its Yealink 12x optical zoom camera and up to four Yealink wired microphones, all of which deliver a broad and vivid view while making it easier for everyone to be heard. The MVC800 supports Microsoft Teams Rooms, Office 365, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

Superior video performance

The UVC80 12x optical zoom camera delivers sharp, smooth and stable video at a significant distance. Thanks to its wide-angle horizontal field-of-view lens and adjustable camera angle, the MVC800 provides a broad view of large conference rooms, making video conferencing clearer and sharper than ever.

Excellent audio performance

The ability to connect up to four optional wired beam-forming array microphones VCM34, which is combined with 20 feet (six meters) and 360-degree voice pickup technology, makes it easier for everyone to be heard and involved in the meeting.

The included smart noise-proof technology makes video conferencing more effective than ever.

Familiar experience with low learning cost

A consistent and easy Microsoft Teams Rooms and Teams experience facilitates a low learning cost. Minimal cables connect the devices and keep workspaces orderly.

The Yealink MVC series for Microsoft Teams Rooms offers instant wireless content sharing without clutter.

The powerful screen share adapter MShare integrates HDMI and mini-DP input ports and eliminates the need for additional adapters for Mac or Surface products. With built-in support for wireless and dedicated networks, just plug-and-play to start sharing content with a single click.

Simplify deploy and manage

For the Yealink MVC series for Microsoft Teams Rooms, the mini-PC NUC and eight-inch Console MTouch are modular, making it easier for global customers to select and deploy.

The utilization of core Yealink products that work as an integrated total solution permits optimal device compatibility and minimizes breakdown risks.

Together, these features simplify deployment and management and fit a wide range of needs.

Tech Specification

RAM 8GB (2 x 4GB)
Display 8 Inch,1280 x 800
Wired connectivity 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 HDMI out ports supporting 1080p 30
CPU Intel 7th generation Core i5
Audio Built-in 3-microphone array for a pickup range of 20 feet (6 meters),cascade connection up to 4 units
Camera 78.5° Diagonal field of view, 12x optical zoom camera


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