Our Team

Meet Leigh Baldwin

What is your role at DMS?

My position in the business is VP of Strategic Development. In addition, I do specifically focus considerable efforts on the logistical side of the business.

What does it involve/what are your responsibilities?

My key task is to assist the leadership team in driving the business forward with its aggressive growth plan. It has been recognized that our structures, processes, and behavioral characteristics need to reflect those of our triple AAA customers and that cultural change is well underway.

Where do you think this business is going in the next couple of years? What market trends are most critical?

With the onset of the global pandemic and its subsequent fallout, we have seen a much higher take-up for services within the collaborative space. Conversely, with the increased number of customer staff working from home, the need for high-quality office-based solutions will reduce in the mid to long term. Putting the previous statement aside, we felt back in 2018, that in order to exploit our hard-earned reputation within the industry and to achieve our growth plans, it was imperative that we diversify our customer offering across a much broader range of services. These globally cover:

  •  Tech install
  •  Logistical services (merge in-transit, pre-build, white glove delivery, RMAs, debris recovery, rack and stack services, and warehousing)
  •  Managed services (analytics, event/webinar management, performance reporting, break and fix, preventative maintenance)
  • Program and project management
  • On-site staffing
  • Hardware provision

What client problems does DMS solve?

Firstly we listen to our clients. We aim to understand their future intentions, ideas, and plans and then create workable solutions on a bespoke basis. Our key mantra is “trust”. We want our customers to have confidence in our capabilities, competencies and above all to trust us to execute our intentions and promises. Above all we want them to feel that our organization is easy to deal with and will get the job done. 

Why do clients choose DMS?

Flexibility, capability, and high quality.

How has the market been for the last 12 months?

Remarkably solid, however, our success in recent times has been dependent on how we have coped with the need to adjust our ways of working and service offering. We have managed to demonstrate sound foresight and our flexible culture has underpinned that success.

What are your expectations for the next 12 months?

Our operational and administrative model is undergoing a dramatic metamorphosis at present and the introduction of high-end management systems and processes will support this change. Our ability to globally scale has been tested and proven to be robust. This will continue to be the case as the sales-driven culture of the business continues to excavate ever more complex, demanding but rewarding opportunities.

Leigh Baldwin,

VP of Strategic Development, DMS