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Meet Jared Bolton

What is your role at DMS?

I am the Presales Solutions Manager at DMS. I am responsible for all technical aspects and processes involved in the lifecycle of AV project solutions.

Through innovation, training, and management, I ensure our customers receive the perfect solution to meet their AV needs. From the initial customer engagement through the design and implementation phases, the solutions team ensures all projects are executed, emphasizing customer satisfaction.

Where do you see the AV market going in 5-10 years?

I see the AV market moving away from the corporate space and merging with personal AV/IT.

  • Information technology, in general, has been moving more into personal space over the last ten years.
  • With the recent shift from corporate workspaces to working from home, I see the corporate AV market mixed in with the personal AV over the coming years.
  • All the advancements also aid this in cloud-based technology; AV will be 70% cloud-based in the next ten years.

What makes you excited/what do you like about working in the AV industry?

What excites me about working in the AV industry is the future technology that is coming! The AV industry came into the limelight with the changing workspace. VC cloud platforms (Zoom, Teams, Webex) are the new normal, creating a need for further innovation. There is more investment in the AV industry now than ever. I am excited to see the technology advances from this in the coming years.

Having nine years of experience in the industry and a strong knowledge of AV, I am ready for what comes.

What is your favorite piece of technology released in the market in the past 12 months?

Although released in the last two years, my favorite piece of technology is the Shure Intellimix. Gone are the days of full digital signal processors (DSPs) required for smaller AV deployments. DSPs can be completely virtual and deployed on any PC. It is a massive advancement in audio processing for localized AV deployments. It makes me wonder, what other AV components will be virtual soon?

Jared Bolton,

Pre-Sales Solutions Manager, DMS